We are a couple in our mid-twenties and have been traveling across Europe and USA for the last two years now! Since traveling means experiencing new places and comes with great stories, we decided to start this website. During our journey we loved lots of places, but we fell truly in love in Germany!

Why this website?

Going on a long trip requires lots of preparation. Months, sometimes even years. Preparing a big trip is more than just making a wish list of countries and reading travel stories. We also had to deal with serious matters, such as the travel budget, the route, insurance and taxes. We do not keep this useful information to ourselves, we share it here with you.

With our website we hope to share our love and tips for Germany with you or to let you dream away during a boring office day. We give you advice on how to explore Germany in the same way and time as we did. You can also save money by using our direct links to hotel sites.

We hope you will find our site useful.

Cheers Lena and Peter.